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Small private practice near New Ross, Co. Wexford

My name is Canara Doheny, I trained as a Non- Directive Play Therapist in 1997 at the University of York in England and undertook a Masters degree at York in 2000. I trained as a Filial Play Therapist* under Rise Van Fleet, in 2003.

Since training I have worked free-lance with a HSE Child Psychiatry team (CAMHS) and also provided Play Therapy for the HSE. Social Work departments in the south- east of Ireland. I offer Non–Directive Play Therapy to children who have experienced trauma or loss, experienced attachment problems or suffered from anxiety. I provide support for families and school where special care is required to support therapeutic progress. I offer assessments for the Courts. I am a supervisor for qualified child therapy practitioners. I have supervised and taught on the university of York training courses in York and Cork.

I work from a developmental perspective and provide Play Therapy for both children and adolescents with a wide range of emotional difficulties with an age range of 2 ½ – 16 years. My approach is non-directive for both assessment and therapeutic work, in this way the child has control over what kind of interaction he/she has with me. I respond to the child’s feelings at an emotional level, while the child or adolescent plays or talks. A supportive, consistent Play Therapy Room is essential. I set minimal boundaries focused on the child’s safety to offer a permissive atmosphere where the child can feel free enough to express his/her deepest feelings, needs and fears. It is hoped that the child or adolescent will attain a greater sense of self-esteem and self-awareness, while gaining control over difficult feelings and reactions in the Play Room. Parallel progress is expected to be achieved outside the Play Room in every day life, helping the child to deal with difficult events and memories more effectively.

*Filial Play Therapy merges family therapy with play therapy, it provides an opportunity for parents to train in some of the core skills of non-directive play therapy and undertake special play sessions with their child(ren). The therapist supervises the sessions and when appropriate the play sessions are moved to home. This approach focuses on the enhancement of the parent child relationship and the re-working of attachment issues.

I have a special interest in Attachment , Trauma ,Selective Mutism and ASD.