Eithne Ní Dhraighneáin Play Therapist

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Location:  Clonakilty, West Cork    

Telephone: (086) 238 4884                                                      Email: info@yourflourishingchildandyou.com

Website: www.yourflourishingchildandyou.com


B.A. Th. (Hons)

Dip. Ed. (Hons)

Post Grad Early Childhood Education

Post Grad Non-Directive Play Therapy

Personal Bio: 

Eithne is an Online Parent Support Specialist, Online Trainer, Educator and she runs her Play Therapy practice in Clonakilty, West Cork.  Since 2008, Eithne has worked with countless of children, teenagers and their families in her Child-Centered Play Therapy practice through workshops, webinars and speaking engagements.  Eithne delivers online training to schools and is a regular contributor to RTE Radio and national newspapers.

In 2016, Eithne began designing and delivering webinars and one-to-one online consultations for parents, caregivers and guardians.  From 2020, she launched her new website for parents and children aged 0-16 years, assisting parents, caregivers and guardians with support sessions along with tips, weekly videos and blog posts.

Eithne’s support sessions offer guidance and support by building a connection and safe trusting relationship with caregivers.  Following a consultation, Eithne identifies areas that may need to be changed.  Eithne’s recommendations are underpinned by research, neuroscience and therapeutic theories.  Eithne’s aim is to enhance an already established relationship by providing new skills about play, how to play and daily mindful child-centered play to help manage every day challenging behaviours such as sibling rivalry, and anxiety.

Area of Interest: 

Anxiety such as situational anxiety, separation anxiety and how anxiety is linked to school.  School refusal, homework taking hours, Sunday family feeling of dread before school on Monday and problems in the yard or with ‘bullying’.

Parent support.

Dyslexia, dyspraxia, sensory processing disorder and high functioning autism.

Working closely with professionals specializing in paediatric gut health, nutritional health and supporting children’s brain, heart and mind.

Additional Trainings: